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Amber Rose Addresses Dating Rumors After She & Nick Cannon Show Off “His And Hers” Ferraris

Last week Amber Rose made it clear that she’s still interested in reconciling with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, but somehow that confession hasn’t put a stop to rumors that she’s dating Nick Cannon.

Yesterday night, the string bikini goddess posted a picture of herself and Nick posing by “his and hers” Ferraris, causing fans and the media to question the nature of their relationship.

Amber didn’t let that go on for too long, however, addressing the rumor just a few hours later by captioning another picture of the two of them:

Shout out to my Amazing Manager @nickcannon! I know the world wants us to be together sooo badly (Sarcasm) but it’s just not our relationship. Every time I post a pic of me and this Man yall start reaching….. We are friends and business partners nothing more. We have beautiful children and ppl we still love very much no matter what. I don’t know how many times I need to say this but this will be my last time. WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!!!! Ok fuckers? I usually don’t even comment on dumb made up stories but ur gonna see a lot of us together cuz we’re getting this Shmoney…… Cuz he’s my manager! Duh. So fall the fuck back and chill the fuck out -Muva 💋

Welp, we guess that’s that. Check out their matching cars above.

source: Globalgrind

Is Nick Cannon Trying To Erase Mariah Carey From His Memory By Covering The “Mariah” On His Back?

Yeah, I’m not sure Nick is really thinking this through, I mean does he really want to give her a virtual flip off  by covering tattoo of name he got on his back, they have kids together. It is his life, and a big cross is explainable if he’s saying he’s recently gotten religion in his life, yet I feel like he’s been listening to Big Sean’s new single “I Don’t F*** With You”, at the very least watching the abundance of vines that use that tune to make those funny short videos….but I digrerss, Nick is a grown(and still rich) man, he most definitely can do what he wants in life, I just noticed some fans think it’s not the best idea;

via: missinfo.tv