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Kanye West Says He and Wiz Khalifa Have Patched Things Up


Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose aren’t the only ones calling a truce; Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa have apparently patched things up, too.

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“Me and Wiz spoke yesterday. Great convo. All positive,” Ye tweeted this afternoon. The message comes less than a week after the 27 tweets Kanye hurled at Wiz, mocking his music, fashion sense and — less tastefully — family for calling out his WAVES album title.

Me and Wiz spoke yesterday. Great convo. All positive.

What beef? Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose squash everything with a single selfie

Well this is unexpected. After years of shade and slander, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose seem to have worked things out. Kim posted a pic early Tuesday morning that appears to show that some sort of truce was made. We’re scrounging for details but this is a turn of events nobody saw coming. Just last week, Amber was putting Kanye on blast for her use of booty fingers. Now Kim and Amber are cool. We have so many questions!

What’s the tea?

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Kanye West Goes In On Wiz Khalifa: “You Stole Your Whole Sh*t From Cudi”

Kanye West’s decision to rename his new album WAVES didn’t go down so well in some circles (no pun intended) last night. Wiz Khalifa in particular was pretty vocal about it, suggesting that Kanye stole the, well, wave of Mr. Wavie Crockett himself, Max B.

Clearly tweets have been watching, because Kanye clapped back at Wiz (who is the ex of his ex, lest we forget) with an absolute assault of scathing tweets (plus a Kim K emoji, for good measure) this afternoon.

Wiz responded earlier on in Kanye’s Twitter rant, writing back, “KK is weed fool. Reason’s why your not wavy. Go bacc to Swish.” However, he’s yet to respond to the more recent — and more personal — tweets from Kanye that dragged Amber Rose and her son, Sebastian, into the conversation.

Read Wiz and Kanye’s tweets below…

wiz 1

wiz 2

wiz 3

wiz 4

kanye 1

kanye 2

kanye 3

kanye 4

kanye 5

kanye 6

wiz 5

wiz 6

kanye 7

kanye 8

kanye 9

kanye 10

kanye 11

kanye 12

kanye 13

kanye 15

kanye 16

kanye 17

kanye 18

kanye 19

kanye 20

kanye 21

kanye 22

kanye 23

kanye 24

kanye 25

kanye 26

kanye 27

kanye 28

UPDATE: Kanye apologizes. Sort of.

kanye 29

kanye 30

kanye 31

kanye 32

UPDATE #2: And now Taylor Gang are having their fun.

tg 1

tg 2

tg 3

UPDATE #3: And so is Amber.


UPDATE #4: Kanye was asked about the back-and-forth by TMZ while arriving at LAX on Wednesday afternoon.

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Amber Rose Addresses Dating Rumors After She & Nick Cannon Show Off “His And Hers” Ferraris

Last week Amber Rose made it clear that she’s still interested in reconciling with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, but somehow that confession hasn’t put a stop to rumors that she’s dating Nick Cannon.

Yesterday night, the string bikini goddess posted a picture of herself and Nick posing by “his and hers” Ferraris, causing fans and the media to question the nature of their relationship.

Amber didn’t let that go on for too long, however, addressing the rumor just a few hours later by captioning another picture of the two of them:

Shout out to my Amazing Manager @nickcannon! I know the world wants us to be together sooo badly (Sarcasm) but it’s just not our relationship. Every time I post a pic of me and this Man yall start reaching….. We are friends and business partners nothing more. We have beautiful children and ppl we still love very much no matter what. I don’t know how many times I need to say this but this will be my last time. WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!!!! Ok fuckers? I usually don’t even comment on dumb made up stories but ur gonna see a lot of us together cuz we’re getting this Shmoney…… Cuz he’s my manager! Duh. So fall the fuck back and chill the fuck out -Muva 💋

Welp, we guess that’s that. Check out their matching cars above.

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Amber Rose Signs To Nick Cannon’s Management Company. Guess What They’ve Cooked Up So Far?!

Amber Rose is about to get all this work! About a year back he Nick Cannon casted Amber Rose for his movie ‘School Dance’, and every since those two have remained cool. This past Thursday Rose signed to NCredible Entertainment, and now he will be managing all her future endeavors. He’s already locked in a new fashion TV series for her and a book deal.

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