Young Thug Changes ‘Carter 6′ To ‘Barter 6′

Good news, Lil Wayne fans. The Carter 6 won’t come out before the Tha Carter V. Young Thug decided to change the title of his upcoming album mixtape to Barter 6.

Young Thug revealed on his Instagram that he was forced to change the name because he was threatened with a lawsuit. He didn’t name anyone, but Lil Wayne wouldn’t be a bad guess given how anti-Rich Gang he’s been lately. If that’s true, Young Thug probably didn’t name him because of his respect for Lil Wayne― he refused to dis Lil Wayne because of it.

So the Barter 6 it is. In the Instagram video, Young Thug says it’s on the way, so there’s a chance it won’t make its announced released date of April 17. But, as usually the case with Young Thug, we’ll see.


via: urbandaily

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