Keyshia Cole Reveals That Her Leechin’ Cousin On Her Adopted Side Wants More Camera Shine!



Everybody knows I love Keyshia Cole…but baby I don’t know about her family! From the outside looking in it appears that Keyshia Cole has been used and abused by some of her leechin’ azz family members.

Remember when we caught Neffe’s Husband trying to get a tell all interview (about Keyshia) with The Breakfast Club radio show? Not only that they publicly blasted Keyshia and accused her of blocking their blessings.

Based off of that alone I would have had to cut them off.

Last night Keyshia Cole’s new show “All In” aired at 10:30/9c. Today, Keyshia publicly apologized to her cousin (adopted) who was upset that she didn’t get more camera time. A person close to Keyshia’s cousin tried to drag Key-Key for filth over it.


Here’s my thing, these people need to stop depending on Keyshia for fame. Why should she have to put them on the show? Why can’t they continue paying their bills the way they have been or create opportunities for themselves. They are going to ride Keyshia until the wheels fall off of that bus!

See pic below:

Here’s what Keyshia Cole said:


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