It looks like Paul McCartney is the 2015 man to collaborate with because first Kanye drops a surprising song featuring the artist and now Rihanna has too! CAN YOU SAY FINALLY?!

Rihanna has dropped her first single off her new album R8 which is entitled “FourFiveSeconds” featuring Kanye West also. According to Time.com, rapper Ty Dolla $ign, who helped with the duet, said that the song was initially intended for Kanye but Rihanna had ended up posting it first calling it a “first glimpse of her new music”.

It’s like Paul has the natural talent of getting artists to bare their souls through their music because even in Kanye’s “Only One”, you got a surprisingly defenseless Kanye where he professed his love for his wife.

R8 will be Rihanna’s eighth studio album, and as time progressed from when she had first started, you can definitely hear the growth in her voice with this song.It is a different kind of Rihanna most definitely, as you can only hear the acoustic guitar ( definitely a Paul McCartney signature) and a more vulnerable folk edge voice by Rihanna which is accompanied by harmonies on the chorus with West.

Take a listen, are we liking the new song?


source: theshaderoom

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