It’s official the claws have come out! Lil Wayne is set to be suing his daddy aka Birdman for $8million!

According to TMZ, after many failed negotiation attempts, Lil Wayne is fed up and is hauling his behind to court to escape Cash Money and Birdman once and for all! He says that Birdman is in violation of his contract because he is withholding the release of his album, The Carter V.

He also states that the $8 million allegedly comes from the advancement money he is owed for his last album, we believe is for Sorry the Wait 2. Birdman seems like he won’t budge because he is still saying it isn’t the right time for the Carter V to drop and we all know he wasn’t too happy about how Lil Wayne clapped at him in his “I’m in Love With The Coco” remix.

We can see this divorce is about to get ugly, this spousal fight must be so awkward for Drake, Nicki Minaj, and friends under the label as well! Who would have thought it would actually come to this! I can’t lie no (shade involved) but I am surprised that that is all Birdman owes him to be honest but I guess Lil Wayne will be joining the long line of other people Cash Money General owes money to.

Let’s chat below do you think Birdman should just drop the album to make Lil Wayne happy or is Wayne being a brat and should be patient?

source: theshaderoom

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