Fed Up: Tyga Puts YMCMB On Blast & Accuses Label Of Holding Him Hostage?


Looks like this is one unhappy king. YMCMB’s west coast artist Tyga is not happy with label home at all right now. According to the rapper, his newest musical project, The Golden Album: 18th Dynasty has been completed in entirety. The hold up? Five letters. See Tyga blast YMCMB inside.

Tyga is over it, and appears more than a little frustrated with label home. However, this is not the first time Tyga has snapped on YMCMB. He has also revealed in past that he never received royalty monies for his work. Well now this time he is blasting his crew for holding him hostage, while his newest project is fully completed, with no slated release date. See Tyga go off in the gallery above.

Not sure if it’s just some steam getting blown off, or straight frustation, but these YMCMB artists are saying some unflattering things about their label. 1st Tyga went off, saying ‘his label is holding him hostage’(<–Click For Full Story), amoungst some claims of non-payment of royalties. Then one of the younger members of Young Money, Lil Twist, is complaining about his managament team, stating that all he wants to do is ‘drop music’;



But The President of YMCMB kinda already answered Tyga by announcing exactly what Albums Young Money was focused on(Click For Full Response),  It doesn’t feel like Tyga or Lil Twist is on that list, but can they work it out, and maybe Tyga, but do we want music from Lil Twist?!?

via: hot97.com

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