Not Another One! Jason Derulo And Jordin Sparks Have Reportedly Broken Up

First Wiz and Amber and now Jason and Jordin? Multiple sources confirmed to E! News that couple of nearly three years have called it quits.

Jade Raven

According to E! News, the break-up was mutual and that “they still care very deeply for each other.”

This is shocking news considering they were last seen together at the 2014 Video Music Awards with coordinating white outfits.

The now former couple was never shy about their love, often walking red carpets together, taking adorable selfies, singing songs about and with each other, and were recently featured in a fall fashion spread for US Weekly.

Derulo first confirmed their romance in January 2012, although the pair was first romantically linked as early as September 2011.

What a shame! Derulo even wrote a song about his real-life romance with Sparks called “Marry Me,” which she even starred in the video for, which in returned, sparked engagement rumors.

Derulo spoke to MTV News back in April about the pressures of marriage resulting from the song.

“There is a lot of pressure, and there was a lot of pressure before the song,” Jason said of being engaged to MTV News back in April. “I wrote the song because of the pressure and then I made the pressure worse because people just listen to the chorus and all they hear is ‘Will you marry me?’ so they’re like ‘Oh you’re proposing’ I’m like ‘No.’ In the song I’m saying when the time is right, I’m saying we have the rest of our lives. So the perfect time is on its way.”

If it’s meant to be, they will be together again. If not, I’m sure we’ll get some amazing, sappy music from the two.

via: inflexwetrust

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