Young Jeezy on The Cover of ‘The Source’


The Snowman is enjoying the release of his new project, Seen It All, today and has a brand new The Source cover to go along with that. Despite a new court case looming over his mental, Jeezy is pushing forward with his opus. In a few excerpts from his cover story, Jizzle talks about the tragedy in Ferguson and trying out for the Tupac Broadway play.

On Ferguson:
Jeezy: I just feel like, when things like this happen, you have to build trust within the community. They did all the wrong things. Instead of going there and trying to resolve the situation, they went in there with tasers, riot guns and riot forces, and you can’t come to my neighborhood and not expect us to stand up for what we believe in. You know, that type of sh*t happens in Iraq, that doesn’t happen in Ferguson.”

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On auditioning to be Tupac on Broadway:
Jeezy was almost Tupac. No, he didn’t go to the tattoo parlor and stop just short of getting “Thug Life” tattooed across his stomach, but when it came to cast the Tupac character in the short-lived Tupac musical, “Holler If You Hear Me”, Jeezy read for the part and earnestly competed to land it.

I came to New York, auditioned and everything. Ol’ man was going to be on Broadway, man [laughs].


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