Carmelo Anthony Is Staying In New York

melo knicks.jpgThis Summer’s NBA free agency has been a series of surprise switches and heroic homecomings, but one star who isn’t going anywhere soon is Carmelo Anthony. After considering moves to the Bulls, Lakers, Rockets and Mavs, Melo is expected to finalize a five-year, $120 million-plus deal today to keep him in New York, reports Yahoo! Sports. The seven-time All-Star remains the centerpiece to Phil Jackson’s plan to use salary cap space in 2015 and lure a star free agent (Kevin Durant?) to the Knicks in ’16.

10 other major free agent moves below…


+ Trevor Ariza joins Houston Rockets (4 years, $32 million)

+ Steve Blake joins Portland Trail Blazers (2 years, $4.2 million)

+ Chris Bosh resigns with Miami Heat (5 years, $118 million)

+ Vince Carter joins Memphis Grizzlies (3 years, $12 million)

+ Pau Gasol joins Chicago Bulls (Potential sign-and-trade)

+ Houston Rockets trade Jeremy Lin to Los Angeles Lakers

+ Shaun Livingston joins Golden State Warriors (3 years, $16 million)

+ Paul Pierce joins Washington Wizards (2 years, $11 million)

+ Isaiah Thomas joins Phoenix Suns in sign-and-trade from Sacramento Kings (4 years, $27 million)

+ Marvin Williams joins New Orleans Hornets (2 years, $14 million)


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