No Shade No Shade: Harlem Rapper Jim Jones Talks A$AP Mob And Says, “They Weren’t From The Streets”


In a recent sit down interview with XXL, Harlem rapper Jim Jones chopped it up with the crew, and talked about some of the current happenings taking place in music right now,

During the interview Jones talks long awaited Dipset reunion and compares Dipset to N.W.A. Additionally, Jones shared thoughts on counterparts G-Unit and their recent reunion. In past the two groups were rumored to have bad blood between them. When it came to addressing the unit Jones had the following to say:

“Ain’t no tensions. Nah, it’s a good time to jump back in the game. They got a lot of momentum. There are a lot of things that occurred in these past few weeks that kinda gave them a comeback. Shout out to the G-Unit.”

Well when the interviewer made comparisons between Harlem’s Dipset versus A$AP Mob, Jones quickly made know the only thing the groups have in common is that they are both from Harlem, but that’s were the comparisons stop. See FULL response.


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