[Video] Beyonce and Jay Z Behind The Scenes Of The ‘On The Run’ Tour

On The Run Tour Rehearsals (7)

On The Run Tour Rehearsals 27

You can just imagine how much time and energy goes into pulling off a stadium tour like Jay and Bey’s ‘On The Run.’

This week, the megatour kicked off in Miami, and now we’re getting a peek at how everything flawlessly came together through a behind-the-scenes video produced by The Carters. [These two film and document everything!]

From the setlist, to stage setups, to lights, to choreography, to wardrobe, to scary pyrotechnics, the couple rehearsed for a little over a week to make sure all was on point before transferring everything to Sun Life Stadium. And what a show it was.

Catch the rehearsal footage below:

Bonus: You know all of those rumors about Beyonce acting cold towards Jay, even on stage? Well, that was probably all a part of the show.

Catch what the Miami Sun Times had to say about that as well…

via Miami Sun Times

Yes, at times, it felt a bit like the Carters’ chemistry wasn’t all it could be. With the media caught in a putrid hailstorm of rumors and accusations, we couldn’t help noticing the way Bey shook off his kisses or turned away from his doting playfulness. But it seems this could all be part of the act, as one of the most dramatic moments comes halfway through, when Beyoncé goes into “Why Don’t You Love Me,” acting out a painful evening of leaving 13 angry messages, all “Where are you? You know I can’t sleep without hearing your voice,” and “Nothing’s open at 3 in the morning but legs.” During the track, she took giant breaks of silence to just stare vehemently into the crowd, her hair blowing in fake wind. It was probably one of the rawest things we’ve ever seen at a stadium show.

Beyoncé has made a career of playing the tough, I-don’t-needa-man boss lady. And On the Run hit a high note during “Resentment,” when we watched as the pair shot at each other in that abandoned church, dressed in wedding attire. Images of guns flashed across the screen with words like “this is not real.” Bey shot Jay dead and made off alone. But then the show went one deeper.

“Love is an act of faith and forgiveness,” she said as the jumbotron showed time moving backward. “Forgiveness is giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me. Forgiveness is the final act of love.”

via: necolebitchie

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